Deep Wellbeing?
Deep Wellbeing?

What is wellbeing? Wellbeing is subjective, so kinda hard to define. At the same time we all know what it means to feel well....

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Reflections on Deep Wellbeing. How to help bring it to many more people, faster. How to reach scale.

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AI and inquiry
Implementation AI and inquiry

My approach to meditation has always had a flavour if inquiry about it. However, discovering Liberation Unleashed (LU) showed me a more concrete and deliberate approach to inquiry.

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Starting at the Beginning
Implementation Starting at the Beginning

Over the last decade, I have been exposed to, and benefitted from some substantial, even life changing practices. A natural response to this is to want to share it with others, as many people in my position go on to do.

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How to Succeed when Everyone is Better than You
Inspirations How to Succeed when Everyone is Better than You

Context This article was originally written in December 2020 and shared with colleagues at Grafana Labs. It arose from the common and deep experience of Imposter Syndrome that arises when we find ourselves working with many brilliant people.

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Contact Improvisation
Movement Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is a dance form that was developed in 1972 by Steve Paxton. He and his associates wanted to develop a form of dance that was in physical contact, yet improvised.

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Introducing the Odoki Method
Odoki method Introducing the Odoki Method

In my last post, I shared my fundamental question: Why can some see these benefits, while others struggle, while yet others don’t even try because they don’t believe it is possible.

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Naming: Deep Wellbeing
Deep wellbeing Naming: Deep Wellbeing

So far, I have been referring to “Fundamental Wellbeing”. This has otherwise been referred to as “Awakening”, “Enlightenment” and many more terms.

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My Fundamental Question
Personal My Fundamental Question

Reflecting on “what is this blog about”, or “what is my fundamental question”, I formulated it thus: Over the last decade particularly, I have witnessed people (myself included) learning practices and inquiries that have brought about fundamental changes to their lives: the disappearance of a judgmental inner monologue, anxiety ceasing to be a problem, death ceasing being a thing to fear, a deep sense of spaciousness and peace, and similar substantial changes.

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The Importance of Neuroscience
Neuroscience The Importance of Neuroscience

To start with: I’m no neuroscientist. However, even though I’ve only started reading around the topic recently, I have been startled by the degree to which there is overlap between the research of modern neuroscientists and lessons from inquiry around Fundamental Wellbeing.

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Sedona Method
Practices Sedona Method

Continuing on the theme of describing methods for approaching Fundamental Wellbeing, the second I wish to mention is the Sedona Method, by Lester Levenson in the 1950s.

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Practices Focusing

Focusing could be described as “a natural and gentle practice of listening to your body and your inner sense of knowing”.

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How to be Happier
Practices How to be Happier

Fundamental Wellbeing doesn’t, as such, make us happy. That, in itself, is an impossible aim. Guaranteed happiness isn’t something we can achieve.

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How we make our own pain
Deep wellbeing How we make our own pain

Let me tell a short imaginal story. An unborn child is in her mother’s womb. She is warm, she hears a regular, reassuring heart beat, hears her mother’s voice.

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