AI again
Implementation AI again

In February, I wrote about AI and inquiry. I didn’t write about another conversation I had with ChatGPT: Around the same time, I asked it “What is the connection between PEM and emotions.

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Is vs Why
Implementation Is vs Why

When we experience something unpleasant, it is common to ask ourselves why this is happening. Many forms of counselling ask this question.

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Teaching vs Consulting
Implementation Teaching vs Consulting

This week I’ve been visiting my parents. I decided to attend a local Kung Fu class (I’ve been learning Kung Fu myself for the last couple of years).

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Friends and Family
Implementation Friends and Family

Whilst I have been having great success with the exercises that I referenced in my previous post, there is one context in which this approach does not appear to work.

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In the deep end
Implementation In the deep end

I have just uploaded some new content to the Odoki Method site. This content details some of the exercises I’ve been using with clients.

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AI and inquiry
Implementation AI and inquiry

My approach to meditation has always had a flavour if inquiry about it. However, discovering Liberation Unleashed (LU) showed me a more concrete and deliberate approach to inquiry.

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Starting at the Beginning
Implementation Starting at the Beginning

Over the last decade, I have been exposed to, and benefitted from some substantial, even life changing practices. A natural response to this is to want to share it with others, as many people in my position go on to do.

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