Starting at the Beginning

Starting at the Beginning

Over the last decade, I have been exposed to, and benefitted from some substantial, even life changing practices. A natural response to this is to want to share it with others, as many people in my position go on to do.

For me, however, this presents me with a problem.

These practices are commonly wrapped up in either religious terms, or perhaps use somewhat esoteric language (even the term “awakening” will turn many people off). Thus, were I to offer my time helping people engage with these practices immediately, I’d only be able to do so with an audience of people who are already receptive, based both on their desire to see significant change to their inner life, but also on their amenability to the language and conceptual frameworks implied by and required for the practices. This fundamentally limits the scope and audience of what I would be sharing, which I find uncomfortable.

Hence, I’m taking what I hope will turn out to be a different approach: starting at the beginning.

That is, working with ordinary people who in some way suffer (i.e. no prior exposure to such methods, no prior exposure to religious practices). Whether that suffering is anxiety, lack of confidence, stress or something else. How can the benefits I have gained through these practices feed into simple to grasp approaches to these struggles that can accessible to a wide audience? To give an example, in my previous post How to Succeed when everyone is Better than You, I present what is an essentially non-dual perspective. Everything is what it is, and everything is okay. However, I attempt to present that quite subtle perspective in accessible language.

This is, of course, going to be a slower approach. Positive impacts will be much more diffused. However, if I’m successful, I’d like to think a new language will then be accessible to all teachers of these subjects and together we can reach a far greater audience - and the net amount of suffering in the world will be greatly reduced.

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