Maximising impact of Fundamental Wellbeing

Maximising impact of Fundamental Wellbeing

Before I talk about a few different approaches that can help people approach Fundamental Wellbeing, I want to explore why I am writing this blog.

As with many people who have been exploring Fundamental Wellbeing, a natural next step would be for me to establish myself as a teacher or guide: directly help people to experience the benefits of Fundamental Wellbeing.

However, the geek in me isn’t happy with this. What really interests me is the mechanisms by which people transition, and what can be done to help more people transition, and the ease with which any individuals transition.

There will be social elements: e.g. how do we present Fundamental Wellbeing in a way that people can believe it is even possible to transition? Then there will be psychological elements: e.g. what is the mechanism by which an individual transitions, and how does that vary across individuals and personality types? Finally, there may well be a technological element: e.g. how can communication technology (websites, messaging systems, etc) be used to reach a wider audience, and help a limited number of humans that are helping people transition impact a greater number of people, with the same amount of effort?

These are the sort of questions I want to be exploring on this site.

And, in order to do this more, I first want to talk about some approaches to Fundamental Wellbeing. The first I will talk about will be Focusing.

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