Deep wellbeing

Deep Wellbeing?

Deep Wellbeing?

What is wellbeing? Wellbeing is subjective, so kinda hard to define. At the same time we all know what it means to feel well. At least, we may well know what it feels to be well by its absence.

Methods to improve wellbeing often involve changing our circumstances: better job, nicer friends, etc.

Or we can improve our wellbeing through personal practices, be it mindfulness, yoga, running, etc.

But what if it was possible to find a form of wellbeing that persisted over time, that quietened the noisy inner judge?

This is what I call Deep Wellbeing. A form of wellbeing that is independent of external circumstance. One just feels well, well, just because.

Knowledge of this form of wellbeing has been known to religions for millenia. They have given it various names: Enlightenment, Peace that Passeth all Understanding, Non-duality, God-consciousness.

Who doesn’t want to be well?

However, it is common for these to become viewed as hard, difficult, requiring years of dedication. In reality, it really isn’t like that. I know numerous people for whom the transition took a few days or weeks. Yes, some preparation helps – maybe some experience meditating or with introspection, but it needn’t be years. In fact, if it does take years, then perhaps a different approach is called for.

This is what my blog is dedicated to. What is Deep Wellbeing? How can we best describe it? What are the simplest approaches to helping people experience it? And how can we do this at scale, for the largest number of people.

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