Odoki method

Implementing the Odoki Method

Implementing the Odoki Method

Over the last four months, I have developed the materials at https://odoki.com and I have led two concurrent cohorts through the first course. This has at least validated the materials at the simplest level: do they work at all, for at least some candidates?

The next step is to identify a psychological measure that participants can use at the beginning and end of the course. This will give us a more direct understanding of the impact of the course on participants through a simple longitudinal study. There’s plenty more that can be done, but this will be a useful start.

Next, I plan to rerun the course, continuing to iterate on the materials, and see what impacts can be recorded using these psychological measures.

Alongside this rerun, I will document and run a second course, focused on actual inquiry, and offer it to a selection of participants on my prior course.

I will keep documenting this effort here as I progress.

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