Odoki method

Introducing the Odoki Method

Introducing the Odoki Method

In my last post, I shared my fundamental question:

Why can some see these benefits, while others struggle, while yet others don’t even try because they don’t believe it is possible.

To explore this, I actually need to start helping people.

To this end, I have created The Odoki Method. While in its early stages, this method will provide courses to help people cultivate develop Deep Wellbeing.

This cultivation will be in two parts: preparation and inquiry.

Preparation will focus on similar areas to Mindfulness - it will help participants develop the basic inner awareness required to engage in inquiry, as well as helping to cultivate the necessarily kindly attitude to one’s inner life. That said, while this stage is preparatory, for some candidates it will be enough, helping them increase their wellbeing.

The Inquiry phase is more challenging. It aims to push participants to look at their inner experience in non-obvious ways and can lead to significant shifts in experience. This phase will be offered to participants of the first course who have been able to build a sufficient sense of inner kindness and welcoming to safely engage with this course.

The materials, where appropriate, will be public, following patterns seen in “open source” software. This is simply to maximise the benefit gained from them.

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