Deep wellbeing

Naming: Deep Wellbeing

Naming: Deep Wellbeing

So far, I have been referring to “Fundamental Wellbeing”. This has otherwise been referred to as “Awakening”, “Enlightenment” and many more terms.

“Fundamental Wellbeing” is much better than the others: it is secular language that requires no religious or “spiritual” background to engage with.

However, the use of the word “Fundamental” suggests something categorically different. Now, it actually is categorically different, so in one sense, this is a totally apt term. However, for people who have not yet experienced it, using a term in this way can lead to a psychological “othering” - it is something I do not have.

I have therefore switched to using the term “Deep Wellbeing”. This is something I would like to think pretty much everyone can relate to. I can imagine being well, and I can imagine that being deep.

I have started taking it one step further: I’ve given it a strapline: A form of wellbeing that is independent of external circumstance. Here, I’m attempting to give greater clarity, and a way that an individual could evaluate if their own experience matches what I am talking about.

Deep Wellbeing is just what it is - we’re no longer looking to things outside of ourselves to validate ourselves, we just feel well. Of course, there are degrees, and we won’t always be living from that, but the experience itself will have that “independent” feel to it.

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