The Importance of Neuroscience

The Importance of Neuroscience

To start with: I’m no neuroscientist.

However, even though I’ve only started reading around the topic recently, I have been startled by the degree to which there is overlap between the research of modern neuroscientists and lessons from inquiry around Fundamental Wellbeing.

I’ve seen my own language change when describing fundamental wellbeing, influenced by language learned from neuroscience. The fact that when we think we see things, we are actually seeing a splash of colour, and our mind then makes predictions as to what those splashes actually represent. Yet, when doing this, it does it so convincingly that we see a chair or a table, not a splash of colour. Even in this simple understanding of the brain, there is sooo much crossover with inquiry.

I can’t help but think that a conversation between those who have transitioned into Fundamental Wellbeing on the one hand, and neuroscientists on the other, could be profoundly fruitful, and potentially bring about sizeable changes to society and the experience of many.

If you’re up for this conversation, let me know!

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